About 843/Eight Four Three

This shop is a side project that allows us to share the celebration of being Filipinx with other people who want to be proud of their heritage.

843/Eight Four Three stands for FILIPINO 4 ALL because at the heart of our business we believe that there's no single way to be proudly Filipino.

Everything in the show is designed by Mo and this a proudly queer-owned and operated business. If that last bit bothers you, feel free to take your business elsewhere. 

Shipping & Handling

As of right now we only ship within the United States/Canada. We're hoping on extending shipments to internationally soon. Thanks for your patience!

Because 843 is a side project balanced with a fulltime job, it will always take a few days to pack and send out orders! If you haven't recieved updated tracking between 5-8 business days after your order date, please reach out to [email protected] for further assistance.

Unfortunately, we cannot control how fast orders are delivered. We are happy to assist in the ways we can, but any delivery issues should be directed towards the courier service attached to your tracking number.

Iron-On & Care Instructions For Patches

Read here!